(statement follows in English and Español)

Who am I and why am I running?

As a nurse, professor, mother and engaged citizen, I will bring a hard-working, compassionate and data-driven approach to solving city issues. I have a proven track record of positive, active leadership during 9 years as an elected official on the Davis School Board, 10 years as a Yolo County First Five Commissioner and 5 years on the Yolo County Health Council. I bring a working understanding of nearly all parts of government, as well as educational institutions, non-profits and community based resources. My primary goal as an elected official has been to bring all parties to the table to work together to craft solutions. I value public service and would be honored to work with other council members, staff and community members throughout Davis to maintain our city as a stellar example of sustainability, tolerance, safety and healthy living. I am proud to call Davis home and would be equally proud to be given the opportunity to serve our community on the Davis City Council.

What are my core values?

As a school board member, I have framed each decision that I have faced -- large and small -- with the same overarching question: What is in the best interest of students? I intend to use a similar standard as a city council member, evaluating every decision based on the best interests of the citizens. I take the role of elected official very seriously as I strive to represent the entire community. I do not make a decision based only on what administrators tell me. I do my own homework, read all the relevant materials, reach out to local experts (and we have lots of those in every area), ask questions of direct, on- the- ground staff who best know the implications, read emails and meet with anyone who wishes to give input. I put all these pieces together and then consider community values and priorities and look at the long and short- term implications and sustainability.

I am particularly concerned about ensuring that we live in a community that is accessible for people across the lifespan including young adults starting off, families with young children and seniors. Decisions we make about housing, taxes, parks, roads and safety directly impact the ability of citizens to live, work and learn in Davis.

Sometimes doing the right thing is not popular and I have had to make some difficult decisions as an elected official. It is very important to me that I follow all the laws and rules or change them when possible to better reflect community expectations. I often think about those in our community that are less fortunate. I will strive to give them a voice even when they may not be the ones coming to the microphone. I want Davis to be a welcoming place for everyone and I give you my word that I will work hard to represent you all to the very best of my ability.

What is my vision for Davis?

I have a vision of Davis as a friendly, healthy, safe, clean and neighborly community. I want Davis to be a place where the citizens have confidence in their local government to make wise and timely decisions and where their input is sought out and valued. I want a mixed community where persons of different incomes, backgrounds, and ages live together and know each other. I would like to model positive discussions on even our most difficult community conversations being able to respectfully listen and consider a different perspective and share my perspective and be able to come to better understanding and mutual decision-making for the good of us all.


Occupation: School Trustee, Nurse

I care about the health and well-being of our community and all those who live and work here. I have a proven track record of positive and active leadership during nine years as a trustee on the Davis School Board, where I worked with others to keep key programs intact through a period of unprecedented state budget crisis.

I am also Founder and Executive Director of the Yolo Healthy Aging Alliance, a public/private partnership to enhance services for seniors while containing costs. I served 10 years on the board of First Five Yolo, which promotes a healthy start for our young children, was chair of the Yolo County Health Council, and have 28 years experience as a public health nurse.

As a member of the Davis City Council, I will promote a healthy, safe and caring community, specifi cally in the areas of water conservation, housing for all phases of life, and sound fi nancial planning. For example, I believe Davis could gain fi scal sustainability through smart economic development, such as attracting an innovative research park, to keep good-paying jobs and tax revenue in town.

I ask for your vote and look forward to working together with you for Davis.

Sheila A Allen, RN, PhD


Ocupación: Miembro del Consejo de Administración Escolar, Enfermera

Me interesa la salud y bienestar de nuestra comunidad y de todos aquellos que viven y trabajan aquí. Tengo una trayectoria ya probada de liderazgo positivo y activo durante nueve años como miembro del consejo de administración en la Junta Escolar de Davis, donde trabajé con otras personas para mantener programas esenciales intactos a través de un periodo de crisis que tuvimos sin precedente en el presupuesto del estado.

También soy fundadora y directora ejecutiva de Yolo Healthy Aging Alliance, una sociedad pública/privada con el fi n de mejorar los servicios para las personas mayores, al mismo tiempo que se contienen los costos. Presté servicio 10 años en la junta de First Five Yolo, que promueve un comienzo sano para nuestros niños pequeños, fui presidenta del Yolo County Health Council (Consejo para la Salud del Condado de Yolo), y tengo 28 años de experiencia de enfermera en salud pública.

Como miembro del Concejo Municipal de Davis, yo promoveré una comunidad sana, segura y bondadosa, específi camente en las áreas de conservación del agua, vivienda para todas las etapas de la vida, y de una sólida planifi cación fi nanciera. Por ejemplo, yo creo que Davis podría lograr sostenibilidad fi scal mediante un desarrollo económico inteligente, como atraer un parque de investigación innovadora, con el fi n de que los empleos bien pagados y los ingresos de los impuestos se mantengan aquí en la ciudad.

Les pido su voto y espero trabajar junto con ustedes por Davis.

Sheila A Allen, RN, PhD